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In July 1999, the national Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior helped three members of the fire safety industry Chung-chih Chien, Tzu-sen Chang, and Te-yu Wang organize concerned and dedicated citizens from the fire safety industry, government, and academic sectors. The effort led to the establishment of the Chinese Fire Protection Safety Center (CFPSC). The CFPSC is a non-profit establishment.

The purpose of assisting firefighting authorities carries out firefighting and fire safety duties. And in an effort to maintain the quality of firefighting tools, materials and equipment (including the management products of hazardous objects), inspection and approbation systems were established to ensure that such firefighting tools, materials, and equipment are capable of combating and stopping fire-related disaster. Then to established of the civilian sector’s firefighting ability and achieve the slogan “firefighting is everyone’s duty”.

(1) Approbation of firefighting related implements, materials, and equipment.
(2) Management and approbation of hazardous objects or substances.
(3) Firefighting education and training.
(4) Publication of firefighting books and magazines.


In realization of our goals and legally stipulated duties, the center currently executes the following operations:
1. Firefighting equipment certification and capacity assessment.
2. Research and direction of firefighting and disaster prevention & rescue related technologies, and the analysis of related laws and standards.
3. Publication of firefighting, disaster prevention, and disaster rescue journals, magazines and other reading materials.
4. Independent management of the quality and capacity of fire safety equipment, implements and materials.
5. Orientation and training of firefighting professionals.
6. Direction of the research and development work on new fire safety equipment technologies and new fire safety equipment, as well as evaluation of fire safety equipment capacity.
7. Research, direction and dissemination of fire safety equipment inspection and repair technologies.
8. Participation in related international organizations and promotion of international cooperation and exchanges.
9. Elemental investigation, research and development of other firefighting equipment related matters.
10. Assisting and coordinating with the government’s effort in managing the safety of public hazard objects or substances and combustible pressurized gas.
11. Implementation of other matters essential to the achievement of our goals and policies.
12. Assisting the government in providing firefighting, fire prevention, and disaster rescue training to employees of government-owned and private enterprises or establishments.

Summary of operations:

A. Business of fire-fighting machine and equipment approval
(1) Introduction
CFS established a testing laboratory about water system and relevant apparatus of take refuge in Taoyuan. The laboratory is pass muster the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). And provide testing service include eight items of fire-fighting equipment and sixty-two testing items.
(2) Standard
The approval standard about water system and relevant apparatus of take refuge will be issued by the Fire Agency of Ministry of the internal.
(3)Testing Item
a. Air Tight Sprinkler Head
b. Foam Sprinkler Nozzle
c. Deluge Valve
d. Water Flow Detector
e. Escape Sling
f. Metal Escape Ladder
g. Quick Connector for Fire Hose
h. Fire Hoses
i. Other

B. Business of Fire Alarm Testing
Fire Alarm Testing Laboratory carry on the business of equipment are type approval and case-by-case approval. This laboratory was established in 2007 for carry on the fire alarm testing. Expect accept the government business, CFS also accept other testing from domestic employee and the public.
(2) Standard
The approved standard about fire alarm will be issued by the Fire Agency of Ministry of the Internal.
(3)Service item
a. Exit Indicating Lamp and Refuge Direction Indicating Lamp
b. Emergency Light
c. Fire Alarm Detector
d. Fire Alarm Control and Indicating equipment
e. Fire Alarm Transmitters
f. Fire Alarm Manual Call Points, Fire Alarm Bell and Fire Alarm Lights
g. Emergency Broadcasting Amplifier
h. Household Fire Alarm Devices
i. Other

C. The Jointly Testing Business of Fire Fighting Machine and Equipment
The approval standard about the jointly test by the Fire Agency of Ministry of the internal.
(3)Service Item
a. Fire Fighting Pump
b. Smoke Exhaust Vents
c. Heat-resistant Electric Wires and Cables
d. Fire-Retardant Wires

D. Fire-fighting Education and Training
1. Professional Training Course for NFPA13 Applications
2. Fire Safety Engineering Designing for High Tech Factory Buildings
3. Seminar on Smoke Control Simulation Software Applications and Case Studies
4. Seminar on the Shelter Function Design Software Applications and Case Studies
5. Orientation Seminar for New and Upgraded Specific Environment Fire Safety Equipment Installation Standards


(A) Publication of firefighting books and magazines
a. Compilation of fire safety laws and regulations
b. Inspection, repair, and reporting operating procedures for various types of firefighting or fire safety equipment.
c. Production of firefighting or fire safety equipment inspection, repair, and reporting forms and the instructions and samples for the filling out firefighting or fire safety equipment inspection forms.
d. Installation standards of the fire safety equipment for specific environments


(A) As the government-appointed (National Fire Agency) official approbation facility for various fire safety related equipment, implements and materials, the CFPSC had seen to the achievement of the government’s goals under (law-abiding), (impartial), (efficient), (honest), and (dedicated) operating conditions.
(B) The funding of the CFPSC is provided by private enterprises. As a natural public servant, it should be diligent and loyal to its purpose and should provide private enterprises with the warmest and most thorough services. When faced with unrealistic obstructions, it should bridge communication gaps with government authorities and seek improvement.

(C) The fundamental task of the CFPSC is to see to the upgrade of fire safety equipment quality and the efficient management of LPG safety matters; thereby ensuring the safety of the community. Therefore, the CFPSC should improve the quality of its staff, as well as work with the experts of the industrial, government and academic sectors for the research and amendment of laws and the improvement of such law implementation skills. It should be able to guide the local fire safety industry towards a new direction and assist the government in implementing national firefighting projects. Furthermore, the CFPSC should lead the nation in achieving the standards of developed nations.
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